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A Friendly Intruder

Gone Home is an exploration game created in 2013 by The Fullbright Company and was released during a time when indie games were surging in popularity because they made narrative and game design choices that were, for the most part, not available from AAA studios. Set in 1995, the player controls Katie Greenbriar, a 21-year-old woman... Continue Reading →

Choice in Development

Choice is seen as a lot of things (an inevitability, an illusion, a burden perhaps?), but marketing a choice based narrative in games has always been seen as a huge selling point. To feel like your choices matter is important to many people who play games, but introducing interactive choice in a linear narrative can... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Trust

Trust has always been a fickle concept to nail down correctly, and we see conflicts of trust all the time in media, but when exactly did we become so distrustful of others in our society? Why are we more likely to be weary rather than open in our modern age? The Evolution of Trust, created... Continue Reading →

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